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Barairo no jinsei / La vie en Rose Sims1 Works


Build Mode | Heads | Outfits | Pets | Objects | Garden Objects | Wallpaper | Floors

Ever since I found the BNJ/LVR website I was a big fan of Kyoen's creations.
Sadly, the BNJ website closed on July 1st 2005, but not without a significant change in its terms and conditions. Here's the final quote from Kyoen:

Clone, Copy, Recolor, Re-distribute or File share...etc
You may not clone, copy and/or re-color guest artists' stuff on the site. Those copyrights belong to respective creators.
My old stuff which had been removed from the site, those are not redistributable.
You can clone, copy, modify or recolor my sims stuff (Objects, Skins, Meshes, Walls, Floors and animation...) on the web. You may distribute modified stuff without my credit. Of course, credit is welcome. But it is not necessary. Feel free to use my stuff for the base of your creations.

You can share my stuff via mail. You can redistribute my stuff on your e-group or sims forum. If you are pay site webmaster, you can add objects, walls and/or floors as a part of your set or house. And you can add my meshes to your zips. I permit only free distribution. I want you to share my file free. You can make the mirror site, but do not make money. Do not add the false credit to mine with bad intent or do not delete my credit from iff. The files should be provided "as is".

So I decided to host everything I have from BNJ, so that these creations are still available to the Sims community.
Keep in mind that I made nothing of what you find in the shrine, all credit for these things go to BNJ/LVR.

Build Mode | Heads | Outfits | Pets | Objects | Garden Objects | Wallpaper | Floors

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